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A Time to Write

As I promised I wanted to start a dialogue about when we write, how we find time. Does everyone write every day?  Do you need long blocks of time or intermittent moments throughout the day?  Do you write early before anyone is awake in your house, or late at night after the house is quiet and the drapes pulled down?  At work do you think about your writing?  Are you writing only one thing at a time, does your mind whirl with stories and essays that need to be written down … and then when?  When do you find the time to write?



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Sharon Olds

Sharon Olds will be speaking in the Los Angeles area at my daughter’s school on April 15 at 6:30 p.m.  Contact  if you want additional information.

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To Help Us Keep Organized

Hi Everyone,

I put up some new pages that we can keep updated to keep track of who reads when.  That way we don’t have to always go back through our email to remind us.  And we can use the chat here to make requests for changes.  We’ll see how that works for a while!

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How about this…

How about this: a woman of a certain age rushes out in her nightgown to pick up the newspaper and gets locked out of her house just as the yard men arrive to cut her grass.
Cheers, Laura Hoopes

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Mary Rose Betten at Santa Barbara Screenwriter’s Association

Screenwriters Association
of Santa Barbara

Presents Actress & Playwright

Mary Rose Betten

“Writing Comedic Dialogue”

Thursday, March 11, 7 pm*
*Come a half hour before our usual time (7:30 pm) to join in interactive discussion, get to know each other, and network with local talent.
FREE and Open to Everyone
Downtown Borders (Upstairs)
900 State Street
Email Us

Please bring a pen, paper and something to write on. Mary Rose will provide us with an optional writing prompt and give a few minutes for writing, then those who wish can share what they’ve written.

Mary Rose Betten is a retired character actress, poet, and playwright. She studied with the Los Angeles Playwrights at The Mark Taper with the late, Oliver Hailey. Her published and produced plays include: Mary M., A Visit with the Magdalene, People Of The Passion,Hildegarde 2000, Is Anybody Home? and she co-wrote The Bar Off Melrose, produced at The Melrose Theatre, published by Samuel French. Recently she was commissioned to write Holocaust theatre and after extensive research wrote and directed,Becoming Alleluia, available for purchase on DVD.

As a character actress she appeared on stage, screen and television and won three Clio awards for her comedic appearances in television commercials. As a stand up comic she was introduced as a new comedienne appearing at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas by the Dean Martin Comedy Hour, and went on to appear on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, The Mike Douglas Show and The Merv Griffin Showand starred as a stand up comic on the Playboy Club Circuit.

At Ghost Ranch in New Mexico she serves on the faculty of “A Room Of Her Own,” for women artists and writers where she was a recipient of a scholarship to their original retreat in 2001. She teaches in Perie Longo’s Santa Barbara Poetry Workshop and with her husband, Dr. Patrick Mitchell, gives workshops on spirituality and the arts.

*Also this month we’ll have a special give-away. And, as always, samples from the Borders cafe.

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Welcome to tlswriterschat

This is where we can all chat about what’s going on, ask writer’s questions, query about any news on calls for submissions.  Also a good place to post comments and suggestions about our blog! It also would be a great place to celebrate our little victories.  Any publication news or other types of kudos would be a great thing to put here as well!

It we mark our posts according to the categories on the right they will be searchable from the internet.  If you have a suggestion for a new category, let me know and I will use my power of administrator for the time being to add it!

I also thought this would be a good place to leave writing prompts for each other, much in the way Laura suggested a scene for Mary Rose.  If you can remember, put the word “prompt” in the title so on any given day someone can search the word prompt and get a listing of ideas!

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