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Drawing in the Dust – out in paperback

My good friend, and Rabbi, Zoe Klein’s novel is just out in Paperback!  Drawing in the Dust.  It’s a really intriguing tale about the power of love crossing cultural lines!  A young anthropologist discovers the bones of the prophet Jeremiah intwined with the skeletal remains of a woman!  The story takes place in Israel, and I would suggest that Israel becomes it’s own character, not just a backdrop.  I recently hosted a book group with Rabbi Klein speaking about this novel and her upcoming novel and it was so wonderful!  She talked about the her writing process, where the story came from, the work involved and of course the story!  For us, the tlswriters the most motivating piece of Rabbi Klein’s story of how this book came to be is in the perseverance and passion she had for this story.  It was a good ten years (or so) in the making!  Keep on writing!


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